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I-95 Construction in Norwalk & Westport anticipated to begin in fall 2021

The project begins in Norwalk at the easterly end of the Yankee Doodle Bridge carrying I-95 over the Norwalk River. (Bridge No. 00059) and extends approximately 2.5 miles to the easterly end of the bridge carrying I-95 over the Saugatuck River in Westport (Bridge No. 00064).

The scope of work consists of reconstruction of the center median and right shoulders, along with resurfacing of the highway mainline and ramps at Interchanges 16 and 17. The median will be reconstructed consistent with other stretches of I-95 to provide a 6-foot wide capped concrete barrier section and 12-foot wide left and right shoulders. The horizontal and vertical alignment of I-95 and the ramps will remain unchanged, with the exception of Interchange 16 Northbound On Ramp, which will be extended to provide adequate acceleration length.

In addition, the following bridges will be rehabilitated as follows:

  • Bridge No. 00062 (I-95 over Route 33/Saugatuck Avenue) – Total replacement utilizing lateral slide accelerated construction methods. The new superstructure will be constructed adjacent to the existing bridge and β€œslid” into place.
  • Bridge No. 00063 (I-95 over Franklin Street) – Concrete deck repairs, replacement of expansion joints, and installation of new standpipe(s).
  • Bridge No. 00064 (I-95 over Saugatuck River) – Concrete deck repairs, replacement of expansion joints, and upgrades to existing standpipe(s).

Other proposed improvements include upgrade/repair of existing drainage structures; replacement of existing highway illumination system and Incident Management System (IMS), guide rail upgrades, construction of a portion of the Yankee Doodle Trail in Norwalk, and reconstruction of the existing commuter parking lot off Hendricks Avenue.

Construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2021. The estimated construction cost is approximately $90 million. This project is anticipated to be undertaken with ninety percent (90%) Federal Funds and ten percent (10%) State funds.