CNNA Meets Monday November 28th, 7pm room 101

Please join us for this important meeting as we’ll be joined by guest speaker Steve Kleppin, Norwalk’s newly hired Director of Planning and Zoning. Mr. Kleppin is expected to provide his overview on status of Norwalk, along with his goals and vision. We also look forward to hearing about his plans for the development of the 2018 Plan of Conservation and Development, along with an open discussion on Public Outreach related to land use, followed by Q&A.

Also, we’ll open our meeting by welcoming Laoise King, to be introduced by Mayor Harry Rilling as his new assistant to the Mayor. Ms. King has additional prior commitments on Monday, but expressed an interest in attending future meetings.

Finally, there are several neighborhood quality of life issues that have come up, and we’ll discuss as time permits at the end of the guest speaker segment.